This years Fantasy Faire (2013) is here! Yay! We’re on the gorgeous & fun Dragonspire Sim in the Northwest Corner near the Titan’s Hollow Entrance.
Here is a pic of our stall! I spent a lot of time working on it & hope you’ll visit 😀
We’ve brought you a great 14 new products ranging from a meager 60L$ to 375L$ (for the baths!) and 1-2 prims each – yes! None of the new releases (featured in the lower right hand room of this pic) are more than 2 prims, and mostly just 1!
While I do most certainly hope you’ll visit us at the RFL event and support all the merchants who are generously donating some of their products (as seen in special RFL vendors) – I’ve also made all of these new products available in our main store for the time being, and all will be available on the SL Marketplace soon – probably this week. All affiliate vendors will also be updated with the new stock sometime in the next day.
I’m also going to include *a few* of the pics – if you’d like to see the full array, please check our Flickr @

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