A beautiful and versatile low land impact couch & chair set – featuring a large handpicked array of solo seats & cuddles, as well as adult sets.
The [DDD] Lawson Chair & Couch Living Set includes:
• 2 Land Impact per Chair
• 4 Land Impact per Couch
• Copy & Mod 
• All Original Mesh & Textures
• LOD, Physics, & Materials Optimised 
• Custom Low Lag Scripts
• 11 Texture Choices + Blankets Menu
• AO Maps for Customisation
• No Low Quality Animations
All animations are selectively picked to fit perfectly with this piece, no pre-built engines or the standard low quality stuff you’ve seen everywhere. 
Seats 2, solo poses can be mixed & matched with both sitters, and the cuddles & adult poses are synchronized. Security & Av Control Menu included.
Chair Animations: 
• 30 + 5 Solo Seats
• 10 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 22 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more.
Couch Animations:
• 26 + 20 Solo Seats
• 26 Couples Cuddle Pairs
• 28 Couples Adult Fuck Pairs including: oral & foreplay, titfucking, anal, doggy, cowgirl, missionary, and more.
Our cuddles are perfect for close and romantic time before, or TLC/aftercare, including several BENTO enabled cuddles. ♥
Our Adult animations are hand-picked, top quality motion capture for realism, and smooth & fluid from places such as ::R:a:W:A:g:e::. You’ll find a nice array of both romantic and loving, or hard & rough!
Texture Sets:
• Black – beautiful black, white, & gold tones with fun prints.
• Grandma – warm & homey with soft florals and gingham.
• White – fully white, and each face is tintable for infinite colors!
• Summer – fun blues with accents of lemony yellow~
• Mystery – gorgeous grays, black, and gold with strong angles.
• Femme – warm browns, pink, and gold for a cozy and chic feel.
• Peaches – girly peach & cream tones with a hint of velvet and metallics.
• BluLove – airy and cute, a blue and lilac set with hearts.
• Botanical – bold & bright green and white with fun plant prints.
• Gradient – colourful and cute blue, peach, and purple set.
• Mer – pastel mermaid paradise with soft pinks and glitter.
+ Interchangeable blankets!
++ AO/White Maps for infinite tinting or customisation in an external editing program.
Couch is approx 3m wide, 1.35m deep, and 1.2m tall. Chair is approx 1.5m wide, 1.25m deep, and  1.2m tall.
The PG version is identical, but without the adult animations. ♥

PG is 295L$ & Adult is 445L$

Written by Admin Cat

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