Our Lovely Lil’ Log Cabin which was released for the recent round of “The Garden” by the Liaison Collaborative is now available at the main store & on PrimBay – SL Marketplace will be in the near future.

As well, we’re also releasing a free “Snow Topper” for this product! You can pick it up at the inworld display, or also on PrimBay for easy at home shopping.
The Snow Topper is 4 land impact and fitted precisely for the as-rezzed size version of the house. It requires minimal effort to adjust in place, and is meant specifically for this building and is not likely to fit on anything else, least of all our other buildings.
Of course, you can resize it larger or smaller to fit your modified buildings.
The Soft Rustic Double Bed (PG&Adult) is also now at the main store. Alas, it has no snow topper.
Other buildings will be getting a Snow Topper soon!

Written by Admin Cat

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