Magic Gem Lights!
Our latest release is out now at the main store (Marketplace now available!)
Stop by to check out our beautiful new Magic Gem Lights – a series of 11 unique meshes with gorgeously detailed metal textures & hand sculpted crystals.
These gorgeous 1 land impact lights feature all original hand-sculpted meshes baked down in to the perfect low poly, low lag lanterns for any mystical environment.
Featuring impeccable LODs to be visible without any degrading, 9 rich metals, and infinite tinting possibilities with the gem light with subtle and soft glow pulses at random intervals.
You’ll also receive a chain extension – if you’re crafty with texture repeating, you can make this stretch to fit any ceiling height.
These are sold individually. Please be sure the version you are purchasing is what is named/pictured – this is not a fatpack. You’ll be receiving the model on the LEFT of the advert only.
The following models are on sale for just 50L$ this Saturday & Sunday:
Swirl, Star, Rings, Diamond, Triangle, and Focus
The remaining 5 are at their every day price of 95L$ (and 5% off for group members!) and available exclusively at the main store.

Written by Admin Cat

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