Malfunctioning Vending Machine

This week for Fifty Linden Friday’s we have the very fun Malfunctioning Vending Machine!

ブンブン・・・ ご注文は?

Please enjoy a refreshing beverage from Reiwa!

This Malfunctioning Vending machine will require to be set to your land group so it may brokenly dispense to all guests beverages from the floor.

Unclaimed drinks will be self deleted within 60 seconds. Claimed drinks will be held in a right hand.

Included additionally are cans and cartons which can be rezzed and modified. Those which the machine dispenses are not able to be rezzed nor modified by any guests.

HUD is included for you to change from 4 textures. [Pink, White, Red, Blue]

2 land impact at size included. Materials enhanced. LOD Optimised – always visible!

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Written by Admin Cat

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