Promotion was discontinued as of July 2013. Thank you to those who participated!

Promotion extended to help garner further reviews! If you’ve reviewed 1 item already, you may review more for duplicate cards, at a rate of once per week per avatar.
From the 18th of August until 30th of August 2012, we are having a promo for the Marketplace!

If you review any previously unreviewed product on the Marketplace, you get a 25L$ Gift Card!

This includes any freebies, and any products purchased in the past. The review does not necessarily have to be glowing, but it should be fair and accurate. We obviously prefer nice ones, but instances such as ‘product not delivered’ should not be posted. (PS: You can get them redelivered inworld)

To receive your 25L$ Gift Card, please ensure you leave the fair review, and send a message to “Anke Hatchuk” inworld, or leave a comment on this post linking to the page of the review & the avatar name. 

This ONLY applies to products which are not reviewed so far, so for example you could not leave a review on the Corner Fireplace.

This expires on the 30th of August, so please act quick!
(this could expire at any time!)

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