Multitheme Cuddle Rug for FLF!
Happy FLF again everyone ♥ Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been moving recently.
I hope this will be worth the wait, though – our Multitheme Cuddle Rug!
We’ll be releasing this in 3 installments, beginning with the PG/Lite variant, which runs a slimmed down amount of animations for a budget price that is everyone-friendly~
Our PG/Full variant with more than 3x as much animations will be out most likely this weekend at a separate sales price, and the Adult/Full hopefully within the month.
Each includes the 9 gorgeous texture options shown below, created by the wonderful and talented Alaska Metropolitan from alaskametro, please stop by her cosmetic and applier shop to see more of her work. ♥ 
As well as a customisation kit, allowing you to create your own textures!
This rug allows you to seat 3 people at once, with a handpicked array of quality solo single sits, cuddles, and 3-person cuddles.
The Lite version is only on sale for 50L$ this weekend only, so be sure to stop by & buy or gift it before it goes up to regular price.


Please consider leaving a review if you enjoy your product, reviews help future customers & our brand so immensely. Thank you.
The PG/FULL version is out now.
It features 20+19+18 solo poses, a crazy 61 couples cuddles, and 9 threesome cuddle animations, as well as further customisation options for mixing & matching the pillows.
If you have purchased/purchase the PG/LITE version on promo this weekend for 50L$, and purchase the PG/FULL version I will give you a 100L$ gift card PLUS a full refund of the original 50L$.
If you also leave a review on the SL Marketplace listing of the PG/FULL, I will upgrade the 100L$ gift card to a 200L$ gift card.

Written by Admin Cat

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