Oh! My poor blog I’ve left you alone for so long!
So much new stuff has happened! I’ll try to be to the point, if I can!

I now support Second Life Relay for Life! http://SLRFL.org/
Check it out, and donate at my kiosk in the store!
I now also have a poll inworld, and you get a FREE Comfy/Cuddle chair by taking part in it! It’s so simple, just answer how you heard of us! SLX, Groups, Search/Advertisement, Object (Rezzed inworld), Friend..!
I also have a LUCKY CHAIR and it gives you one of dozens of my items if your name is up!
I’ve updated my freebies, I don’t have nearly as much anymore, this is to keep people from being in the group only for them!

I have a handful of new items!
I redid the infirmary and added new items such as a 3 pose infirmary cot, redid the fireplace, added a new bandage basket style, herbalist table redone, made a new style infirmary bookcase, redid the shelving.. It’s beautiful now!

I also made a scribery belt, then later on made a scribery bag! It’s so beautiful! One of a favorite hits right away, it is unisex!

We also created a nifty sweeping broom, it’s 75L$ and you wear it.. and sweep! Another ‘chore’ like thing we have is the washbucket for the ground.. it doesn’t even use a poseball!

Another item I made is a simple slaves bed, it’s so adorable! Its a small wood frame with 2 pillows in a soft brown fur, and a padding underneath. It has 2 poseballs that can be used at the same time.. also has no poseballs!

Currently we’re planning on RETIRING our beloved Iron Diamond Servery Set, our first servery to really make it big…
We wont be retiring the *SET* of it, with all items inside, but we are retiring it sold seperately…
Don’t be sad though, we’re working on potentially the best servery set avaliable in Second Life right now, and I could not be more thrilled by it! Unfortunately, it’s going to be unbearably primmy… but it’s so worth it. It’s astonishingly detailed with so many accessories, I don’t think there is any other servery in Second Life this beautiful or detailed.

Well, stay tuned, and stop by our store!

Take care!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?