Our new fireplaces are out at Dysfunctional Designs – they’re 3 prims without the smokestack, 4 with – and of course 100% Mesh!

They feature hand baked shadows, realistic mesh fire, and the option to have subtle crackling sounds. There is two styles, with the non-corner version having two options of grates for sale.

You can check them out at our Marketplace store or inworld at our ever growing mainstore on Neyo.

They’re 265L$ Each, fully copyable, and the smokestack is modifiable to fit to your ceiling (or not have one at all!)

Our Corner version seems to be the most popular, so without further ado –

Don’t forget we’re also participating in the Beauty & the Freak Hunt til the 24th, as well as 30L$ Saturday today (March 10th)…

Hope to see you soon!


Written by Admin Cat

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