We hadn’t seen much in the 3D Corn department, so of course we had to fix that!
Like all of our other Lil’ Garden Plots, this measures out to be a mere 1 prim, and yet has not one, or two… but three whole corn stalks spouting from it! The only thing alpha in this is the frilly fringes.
As tall or taller than the average avatar at almost 3m tall, this piece really stands out and adds a level of depth not found with alpha-type plants or fields.
Check it out inworld, you’ll love it for your modern gardens or ye olde farms, and until midnight tonight (Tuesday the 9th) it is a mere 25L$ for 25L$ Tuesdays – the high quality fantasy roleplayers discount day!

Due to some unfortunate late-night mishaps, we did have an issue with temporary textures on this item.
If you were one of these users and purchased it before 9:15 AM SLT you will have a temp texture problem with the stalks and cobs. 

A redelivery was issued at 9:20 AM SLT, all users who purchased it should have received the items and a small note of apology. If you did not receive the update, please visit an inworld Redelivery terminal or touch the [DDD] Lil’ Garden Plot – Corn vendor for a redelivery.

Thank you so much!

Anke & Kalia

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?