I set out to find a unique group freebie that people might like, especially something for both genders.

So I made a tunic for men and women alike, each has a specially sized belt and different textured top (men don’t have boobs as it turns out, or nearly as wide hips…)

Now, I am no guy and I don’t think you want to see my ‘drag’ costume (female skin on male shape) but here is me with the female counterpart. It’s red with brown lining & black ties in the back. It looks really deliciously rustic and is awesome for just about anywhere! It can be used for Free & slave alike in Gor, and most everyone in normal RP environments. Layer it over a longer underskirt for a modest look, or take off the long skirt and use the ‘insert’ for a just barely covering (or over pants) look!

Best thing of all, is it’s 100% free for my store group members, if you’re not a part of it, please join today! There is a group inviter at almost all of our store outlets as well as our main store in Neyo… Oh and you can check my profile (anke hatchuk) for it, too.

Without further ado, pictures!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?