New & Improved Whispy Twinkle Trees!

Many people asked if I could or would include the Whispy & Twinkle Trees into the Fluffy Foliage pack released a few months past. Unfortunately, it took a bit of script tweaking and texture changes to make this work so this adaptation is a bit overdue. These scripts are NOT compatible with the prior Fluffy Foliage HUD intentionally so that you can adjust them separately.

Copy & Mod, you’ll get both the twinkling & non-twinkling twiggy (Lower LI) variants of trees A, B, & C and the twinkling-only variant of D.

Each works with the 30 leaf textures, 10 bark, 9 presets, 2 swaying options, & 3 material choices provided by the HUD.

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Here is a preview of the HUD and preset options available!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?