Hello again all!
This week we have several awesome new releases we urge you to come check out! We also have a new item on sale for 25L$ during the 25L$ Tues event. Check out the pics below! All of the items should be both on the Marketplace, as well as all current (updated) affiliate vendors & inworld store.
Please visit the inworld store to view all of the releases!
25L$ Tues Item:
New Release! 325L$, 2 prims, 10 textures, 7 anims!
 New Release! 145L$, 1/2 prims, 2 anims!
 New Release! 140L$, 1 prim each, modify & tintable!
 New Release! 225L$, 2 prims, 4 anims, & 2 wearable props!
Hope to see you soon, enjoy the new releases!

Written by Admin Cat

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