My releases today are both old and new, meaning some are changed, modified, or just put out again. Some of these items are copiable, some aren’t.
One of my newly released items are the
sculpted 3 prim bota in 4 fur patterns,
my ka-la-na dispensing barrel (which I plan to make a paga one etc)
some of my new sculpted bottles (New sculpties, never seen before!)
A set (maybe more later) of sculpted dishes, including plates, bowls, goblets, and simple cups.
Beautifully sculpted and shaded urns in 4 varieties
Other things I’ve done today is to remarkably reduce prices on my ultimate servery kit to 1750, many smaller items are down to a lot as well, such as quite a few little tables for 15L, my bloody infirmary cot for under 90L$, and many of my new releases are only 10L$ each.
I’m going to continue reducing prices all over my store, keeping the simple and unscripted items to below 25L, animated ones vary from 25L$ to 100 per animation. My corner servery, I have removed the high prim version and reduced the low prim version to only 550L$ for two animations & the working faucet. It’s like 40ish prims if I remember right.
I’ve sort of postponed my bedroom set stuff due to my lack of enthusiasm on it. I will be releasing some ‘outdoor’ items varying from my former meat rack to some torches, and even my olde fashioned hand water spigots.
I hope you all enjoy, and like normal- I’m more than willing to do customs and modifications.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?