I’ve had a lot of ideas come up with this new script we created for the library bookshelving. The script is really phenominal and moderately low lag, since it’s menu operated.
Basically what it does is you put xxx items, ranging from notecards, landmarks, objects, skins, shapes, pretty much everything… Inside the primary object, in this case, a bookshelf. You then have the script, which assigns itself a random 9 digit number so to not interfere with nearby ones. Then you click the object, it brings up a menu (Buttons name themselves by the objects name) and you click & receive! It’s a really nifty system and opens up an endless amount of possibilities in the dispensible arena. I’ve got a few ideas, such as making full on single sets for infirmaries, kitchens, and libraries that are all 1 piece but gives individual items. It will also make my travel bag, when I make more / update 100x better and more efficient. Other things I can now improve on are my bandage baskets. I have a lot of plans with this, but as with my post earlier today, I’m sort of blah and have some sort of nasty little virus that makes the bed look like the holy grail and fountain of youth to me currently, so I will check online a few times a day for IMs, transactions, and notices.
As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or recommendations regarding my store, please feel free to voice them. I love feedback and I’m always open to new ideas, there is no guarantee I can fulfill them, but I’ll certainly try!

Written by Admin Cat

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