I’ve become rather lazy and slow in my recent work, I’ve picked up small jobs from other people, and become quite blahtastic when I myself are building.
I’m just sort of built-out… but! I have managed to get enough energy to make what I promised… the first one anyway. This is going to be GREAT for all the panthers, feys, or very woodsey campers.
I even made a few custom pieces for it =D
These are my economy packs, they’re 500L$ and an essential set that supplies a bed, bathing basin, wash basin (hands), 4 types of lighting, cushions, tables, food, a relaxing area, in the tribal case :: a campfire and two logs, and accessories such as urns, rep cloth basket, waterbucket, and a few other small things. When I calculated out the entirity of the contents it came out to a whopping 1,250L$!(Actually more, but I subtracted since some small items arent copyable)

I was speaking with a customer this evening, and she too thought this was a great idea, not only because it’s such a steal, but because most people, especially my common customers, the men of the household, are lazy and do not want to spend all the time shopping for things to fill their house… solution : Sets!
They match, they work, and it’s everything you could need to set up the basic household. Too good to be true? Nope! Look for this release and updates by tomorrow!

Written by Admin Cat

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