The awesome We Love Roleplay event returns tomorrow at noon SLT with a fantastic slew of quality creators – some new, some old, but all of them great!
We’re lucky to be included again in this round, you’ll find us on the right hand side building ” Tyrion’s Victory ” with two new releases~
The first is a ‘version 2’ of our original and exceptionally popular “Paper Lanterns”! You wanted round and cylindrical, classical shapes? We made them! This version has slightly less variants (no tabletop, no mixed trios) than the original, but the 10 complimenting textures akin to the originals. For this, it’s normal price is a mere 150L$… BUT ACT NOW! (haha) because at the We Love Roleplay event, it’s 25% Off! That brings it down to only 113L$ for the month of June!
The second, and one of my new favorite items, is the Gardenbed set. This 27 piece set features three types of beds – flowers (with 8 texture options), ferns, and empty for you to fill in with your other favorite plants, such as our garden plots or sunflowers. Each comes in 9 shapes for you to mix and match and create beautiful beds of greenery wherever you want – these would look great in a city walkway even!
We’re also participating in 25L$ Tuesdays this week with a new release – a 2 prim Barrel Shower! Solo animated and a mere 2 prims.
Stop by our main store or the We Love Roleplay event soon!
All items will be on our Marketplace store soon at their regular prices.

Written by Admin Cat

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