I wished to share with my great customers and fellow SLers today an off topic post about what my shop allows me to do, and why I love my customers so much… Oh, and Yoda.
I’ll try to keep it short, since this is a store blog.
I’ve been running a shop for a really long time, longer than many (not all!) of my friends have even been in Second Life. I’m wonderfully blessed that through SL, I am able to help pay my grocery bill, afford to help repair my computer when it breaks with my savings from the store, and most importantly… 
Take on projects like Yoda.
I’ll leave you a link at the bottom, if you like kittens, you’ll probably like Yoda. 
I have been blessed to meet and interact with some of the kindest people in SL, and after managing businesses which deal in other genres that SL hosts… I cannot say enough about how awesome all of my customers are, notably and especially, my fabulous roleplayers and co. I know I am getting a stronger base of more mainstream people, but I’m thrilled beyond words at how respectful and patient most everyone is. I’ve had so many encounters where customers left me so sad because there was just no way of pleasing them, where they spit all over you, and treat you like garbage. 
My [DDD] customers are never like that, always so encouraging.
I’m also quite surprised at how much everyone helps support small original creator shops like us at Dysfunctional Designs, where – alongside Kalia Firelyte & codered1200 Nemeth – I’ve been able to provide what I feel is some of the best quality items at affordable prices for so many years. We’re just a little fish in a big pond, but… I truly, and wholeheartedly, appreciate every customer who helps support us because it allows me to live a happier and more comfortable life, off of the streets, independent of any government aid, and most importantly of all… To help others who need it, animal or not.
I really hope you’ll follow Yoda and mines adventure through my attempts to bring him back from the brink, and see exactly what you’re supporting, when you support us.

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?