Okay, well I suppose I’ll update now –
This week I’ve done many renovations including adding/adding onto my Low L$ Low Prim Room with items such as tons of seating, two serveries, lighting of various textures and sizes with functional script of course. We have also 3 styles of beds with animations in them, many many rugs, and a few other nick nacks here and there. Everything is normally 30L$ and under except the serveries which are about 125L$ each and also very low prim as I can make them.

I also made many items like my Rustic Pleasures Heated Tub addition to my line. It’s currently right next to my Deluxe Servery display and I am very proud of it. Some information about it:
*2 Couple Washing Animations, Boy wash Girl, Girl Wash Boy. But they’re moderately unisex, so it can be girl girl or boy boy, or reverse if needed.
*2 Single Washing Animation Sets, Sit on either of the lower pegs for the singles washing set to begin. You can use your left and right arrows to cycle through a single “Relaxing” state, “Wash Hair” loop, and “Wash Body” anim.
All of the wash anims are made by Dellybean North.
It also has functional water pump to turn on/off to fill, and the water inside goes away or comes back, and the fire underneath means it steams.
It also has a rather high prim accessories table where you have the misc bottles and towels and such. There is also able to click to get rag or sponge to wash with.

Really a new favorite, quite adorable. I hope everyone else enjoys it. The prim count is as follows:
Side pump, Fire, and Tub: 18 Prims
Optional Accessory Table: 22 Prims
Together: 40 prims.

I’m also starting to carry some of my items in RFL vendors especially after this weekends Relay for Life event called Relay Palooza on the Gianfar sims.

Written by Admin Cat

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