Sorry for the massive delay in releasing these, I know some of you have been waiting months and months – I had to take a personal hiatus, but I should be back to semi-regular releases for the forseeable future.
Thanks for your patience.
Let me introduce you to Christine, Christian, Victoria, & Victor – the newest fireplace models with an all-new script system that is sister to the one used in our extremely popular Essential Campfire released earlier this year.
These gorgeously optimised fireplaces look fantastic in high graphics settings, with realistic projector lighting that gives you whole-room cozy atmosphere instantly, but they also look awesome and still flicker even with the lowest graphics settings & lights turned off!
Still only 1 land impact, and this time they also include a massive mix ‘n’ match texture change menu to customise to your hearts desire.
This Thursday & Friday you can pick up Christine for just 50L$.
The FLF Sale is now over, thank you for your support and participation.
Christian, Victoria, Christine, and Victor are available Thursday the 19th through Sunday the 22nd for 20% off on MP, 25% off inworld, or 35% off inworld with our mainstore group [Dysfunctionality].
• Corner & Flat wall version both included 
• Versatile 29+19+2 texture change menu 
• 5 unique burning On states + Off 
• Baked On & Off textures 
• Handmade, realistic animated flames (not particle) 
• Flickering inworld lights & animated projector lighting 
• Inworld lighting changes to match tinting of flame 
• Additional particle embers & smoke clouds 
• Configurable automatic timers & pause 
• Optional sound via menu button
• Access control menu for group, everyone, or owner (default)
• Detailed Materials 
• Custom low poly LODs for 3 levels, strongly visible for approx 100m on default 2.0 LOD factor, 200m on 4.0 
• Custom very low lag scripting (avg: 0.003164 ms of CPU time consumed.) 
• Easy-delete script button
Be sure to stop by to buy or gift before these sale prices are gone!


Written by Admin Cat

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