The second of the large living sets is finally making headway. For a few days I was sort of dumb on what to base the style off of, the bed really was a killer. Today I finally got hit in the head with the two base textures for it. It will be based off of a canvas texture as well as the one everyone knows as “Iron Diamond” or “ID” in my store, meaning the pieces will match perfectly with the Scribery and Servery sets, as well as many other items.
The bed is a simple, hay-stuffed slat bed with a sculpted blanket, pillows, and three PillowTalk sleeping animations. One Couple, one Single.
I’m also going to be including like normal, a hand-wash basin (for dishes, or other countertop stuff), a wash tub (for bodily cleaning), tables and cushions matching, various little accessories like a washcloth basket, waterbowl, urns, and a few misc pieces of food.
I would expect this to be done tomorrow or the next day, depending on the RL workload of both myself and my partner, Codered1200.
If you’d like to see a sneak preview, just ask!

The next set up is a high-mid class almost aristocratic living set with darker richer woods and satiny fabrics. Slightly higher prim, but with all the essential basics we’ve always provided. A gorgeous set for those who aren’t so poor in RP. (Of course, all of our living sets are 500$L each, even though individual pieces may go upwards of 1000-1500L$ we are anxious to provide realistic furniture for realistic prices.)

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