We have some big changes in store for Dysfunctionality these upcoming days, weeks, and months~
For several years we’ve slowly refined the store selection, adjusted prices where we felt needed, and tried to maintain a manageable layout on our small homestead main store. We are always trying to make the shopping experience easier – with our fallback of the SL Marketplace.
This year our plan is to roll out all new low land impact vendors (pictured), new packing, display booth design, advert overhaul for old products, and mass retirement for old products… Of course, we’re also planning to release lots of new things for sale, too.
Our events that we participate in are likely to change up, but we feel that the overall quantity and quality we provide will only improve.
We do hope to have out more large furniture pieces this year, as well as the Adult variants of several items which have yet to receive, and expanded & better furniture textures.
These projects will take us several months to complete in total, so do mind the dust!
On to the now~
Our new vendors at the main store location come with a perk, each is configured to have two buttons – one for regular buyers, and one for group members of [Dysfunctionality]!
One is slightly lower than the other, approximately 5% off –
All group members will be getting a baseline 5% off their purchases at these vendors only, going forward. Please wear your group tag, as no adjustments will be given for forgetfulness.
This rollout will be slow and ongoing, but we already have a few of the top selling items set up in these, and hope to have more in the future. I cannot give an ETA on this project.
What’s next? We hope to have some awesome new group gifts, too, but expect to see both a Free Join Day for the group, and potentially a raise to the entry fee from current 95L$.
I hope to have an awesome new 2018 with you all. ♥
(and co! we have some AMAZING guest designers this year!!)

Written by Admin Cat

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