Pollen Bloom! Group Gift ♥
Over a year ago when I began creating my Haze Clouds, I never expected them to really sell at all, they’re simple products – but much to my surprise, people have fallen in love the atmosphere and ambiance they add.
I hope to make more in the near future, but for now I have one I was dabbling with recently that I feel pair wonderfully with our recent Poppies release… The Pollen Bloom Haze Cloud!
This soft, warmly hued subtle effect features warm golden motes interspersed with multicoloured dust with small red, pink, green, or purple tones.
Pollen Bloom would look beautiful in a warm field of flowers, or playing in the grass in an open sunshaft. 
Available exclusively for [Dysfunctionality] group members ♥
In the freebie building!

Written by Admin Cat

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