Prismagica is a new cute and colorful event starting this month with lots of adorable fellow designers~ It opens August 5th at noon SLT!
We’re very excited to participate in their inaugural round with our Meridienne Chaise Longue.
  •  2 Land Impact
  •  Copy & Mod
  •  All Original Mesh
  •  All Original Textures
  •  LOD & Materials Optimised
  •  Custom Low Lag Scripts

  •  9 Presets: Aloha, Vintage, Tintable, Grandmas, CuteGirl, CuteBoy, Rose, Dusty, Soft
  •  5 Base Woods: Brown, Medium, Dark, Black, Light
  •  10 Long Pillow Options
  •  10 Base Fabric Options
  •  12 + 12 Square Pillow Options
  •  Tintable AO for all fabric parts for external editing

  •  26 Female Solo Seating Anims
  •  20 Male Solo Seating Anims
  •  14 Couples PG Cuddles, including: Lap Sits, Kisses, Hugs, & More
  •  18 Couples Adult sets

For both the Adult & PG Versions included as well as all of the texture choices, it is just 295L$!
Additionally, we have the Magical Twiggy Tree with extra sparkles out as a bonus free gift at the event location only.

Written by Admin Cat

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