Due to a RL problem at 3:00 this morning I am having to stop building for the next week or two.
My grandmother was rushed into the emergency room at approximately 7:00pm Friday the 1st, shortly thereafter I was contacted asking for medications due to some complications. I made a drop-by on my way to a late night need of ice cream run at about 10pm. Unable to sleep I called the police on my neighbors for being loud at about 2:30am, and at 3:00 my aunt stopped by asking for some of my grandmothers items, and reporting that within the hour she had been victim to a heart attack. A quick background to her, she’s had an 8 way heart bypass, a kidney removed, 10+ years of diabetes and is suffering from it’s complications, such as blindness, neuropathy, and often does not take care of her eating habits.
I am very concerned for her, and will be away for the next week-to-two-weeks to help nurse her back to the best health she can be. I have hired three store managers, and have backups incase any of them fail me. I will be online but probably mostly not here for the weeks ahead. Feel free to ask me questions, I’ll get back to them as soon as I can.
Pertaining to my store managers, currently two are very new to SecondLife, and one is quite a bit older. The two newer are undergoing intensive training to become familiar with their environments and are going through a transformation from newbie looks to a more stylish appearance. If you see anyone in my store with the title [DDD] Manager please feel free to say hello and be considerate to their possible handicaps, this is afterall, a better introduction to SL then a quick shove into escorting, dancing, stripping, or camping. You can tip them if you feel obligated, but it’s your choice.

I will be posting updates as I go along, but for now… Thank you to all my loyal and supporting customers, I hope I can return to service as soon as possible and provide you with more rustic-y-goodness!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?