At Dysfunctional Designs, we have had a customer loyalty discount for quite some time as a bonus to our awesome customers.
Unfortunately, when we implemented it we had absolutely no idea how the store and sales would spiral out of control into a much bigger beast that it is today.
On the 21st of April (day after Easter) we will be revising and updating these discount tiers to be more evenly spread across instead of awkward increments and uneven tiering as we have now.
Our ultimate goal is to make a fairer, smoother spread bonus system that will benefit everyone in the long run.
 The system now almost penalises our most loyal customers in comparison to those who haven’t spent as much, and we wish to fix this for everyone involved. Since we started off with a skewed base, there is vast diminishing returns after the 10% bracket. As in, the next tier up was double the L$ spent, but only a 3% increase.
Regardless, we’re giving our customers this full weekend to make any last minute purchases at these tiers before we decide on and implement the new ones on Monday.

For many users, the current discount levels are more in your favor than some of those post change will be. We recommend taking advantage of this weekend.

Additionally, the cap will continue to be 20% off, as we hope you understand that in most cases the proceeds are split between three designers and we hope to pay each of them their fair share.

(Yes, to clarify, that means when you spend 60L$, each of us is only actually getting 20L$ of that purchase, less for each tier of this discount system)

While we understand that some customers may be upset by this change and we do apologise for any undue annoyance it may cause, we would like to stress that this system is not something we have to offer, but we do it because we appreciate our customers. We wish for the least upset over this as possible, thank you so much for understanding.

Again, thank you all for continuing to support us, your amazing feedback and patronage allows us to keep doing what we do. We love our customers!
Anke & Kalia

Written by Admin Cat

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