Due to my lack of updating and improving the rather dim quality and variety of the prim clothing I hold on the second floor, I reduced the price down, dramatically. All items are full prim, and textured in 4 matching textures, even the 2 other brown and green rope sets are cut back. I do hope to make some more items avaliable, but these are primarily just for those, who do not really have much of a variety of clothing to wear something decent. They’re all modifyable and look okay, but they’re old, and really sort of blah. If you’re interested in the range of prices currently, the lowest per item / color is 50L$ for a pair of sort of cozy prim booties which can be worn with the legs or without. The highest I think (excluding set which is 200 something) is only 125 for the cloaks. Some other items I do plan to expand on are the huntress gear which includes pouches, belts, and other cheap accessories to help you keep from pulling rope and other items out of your butt and actually have them be on you.

Written by Admin Cat

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