A super friendly happy December 1st everyone!

I wanted to remind everyone that we DO have a promotion still ongoing in which once per week you’re able to leave a review on a previously unreviewed item on the Marketplace for a 25L$ Gift Card. I have been known to give out higher denominations too, at my discretion.

Considering we have dozens and dozens of items at or under 100L$, that can be 50-25% off many purchases!!

If you’ve purchased an item inworld & would like to leave a review on the Marketplace, please check in with Anke Hatchuk inworld first to ensure a refund is in order for the 2nd purchase.

Happy  Holidays!


The Medi-Fantasy Hunt began today!

Check us out @ number 9, Dysfunctional Designs for a slightly grungy textured muffin basket.

Remember, our hint can and oft does change daily or more than once a day to help prevent cheating. We appreciate your patience!

Visit our In-World Store for the current hint & more!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?