The second major ROMP faire has rolled around~ An event specialising not only in quality, elegant kink, but this time with a futuristic twist!
We have two brand new offerings, both for a limited time 20% off at this awesome event.
Glass Holding Cage is a 2 land impact, 2-seating prop with multiple metal and top panel texture choices.
It is the ideal choice for far future holding of slaves. Price after 20% off is only 268L$.
Additionally we have the glorious Sparklebitch Collar for those who like to show off their fancy side on their properties neck!
It includes 3 metal choices, each with leather or pure metal as well as 7 gem choices. You’ll get a variant pre-set up with OpenCollar scripts, or one with only a texture change script.
The collar is only 196L$ after the 20% discount.

Written by Admin Cat

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