Simplest Extension!
Since I put the features of it in the base pack, I’ve had people hounding me to get this out… and it is now!
The Simplest Rain Extended Add-On HUD is available now, adding:
• 5 included Densities (Left)
• 5 included Speeds (Right)
• 4 included Volume levels (Middle)
• 4 included Glow levels (Middle)
• 4 included Opacity levels (Middle)
• Pause Option (for Photography)
This pack also includes a bonus sound object for extra emitting points and two bonus mesh shapes – one which should fit the new Premium homes (not houseboats) that will be out soon, and one which is 32m long and 5m wide to fit in those tight spaces.
It does NOT include the base package of Simplest Rain with the default mesh shapes, nor is it included in that set. This is a separate, add-on purchase.
At the time of posting, this extended HUD will sell for 95L$, but should more features or shapes be added in the future, the price will go up.


Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?