Today was slow, like normal, both in sales and production. I haven’t released really anything but I do plan on packaging a sort of scribery set as well as an infirmary set. But probably only one will be done today, another tomorrow.
I’ll talk about the scribery one, since I think I’ll do it tonight. Scribery.. meh. More like an office, or library. Track-keeper. Depends on who you are to what you call it. It’s going to be compiled primarily of the “ID” set that is on the third floor, complete with the scripted bookshelves, 2 seating (1 writing, 1 not), a desk, fire lamp, a few scribbled pieces of paper, ink jars, endless quils, an open book, and whatever else I can think would go with it. I may include some ground cushions, maybe a low table or two. It’ll all be matching in that gorgeous dark wood. I thought that large packs might interest some people because you dont have to dig through all of my store to find the tiny tidbits and match and all that, it’s all there and usually at a decent price. I dropped the price of my one other large set, the ID Ultimate Servery (seen below) to 1550, and probably this scribery set will only be about 250L$ or 300L$.

Enjoy and take care.

Written by Admin Cat

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