Beautiful fields of soft grass~
If you’re looking for fields of dense yet soft grass in an array of colours which are also tinting friendly for a perfect match, this might be for you!
These grasses come with 5 mesh shapes, ranging from simple round plots perfect to accent existing fields of grass, to rectangular shaped ones better suited for lining houses or filling gardenbeds, as well as a much bigger 9m long rectangular field to fill up lots of space!
You’ll get 8 grass textures: Hay, Dying, Pale, White, Dark, Medium, Spring, & Forest!
Each is materials enhanced and still a mere 1 land impact at the included size.
Per usual, with mesh, resizing may alter land impact.
Regionwide texture change, access menu, and kill all custom low lag scripts. ♥
Only 25L$ through Sept 6th (I am out of town til then!)


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Written by Admin Cat

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