Chair Fortress is a meager 2 land impact full of fun with 9 fabric options for each the pillow, blanket on top, and sheet on the bottom as well as 6 sets of poses, seating two people each!
We’re offering this for only 165L$ for this first week, and it will be going up next, so be sure to snag it~

Octolamp is a simple 1 land impact fun and vibrantly colourful lamp to brighten up your SL~
9 shiny metal options, only for 135L$!
As a part of the brand merger between our main designer Kalia’s more modern furniture store and Dysfunctional Designs, we’re happy to be offering her more whimsy and mainstream furniture now!
You’ll find these two revised products with updated scripting & new poses available at our main store now~
*If you purchased these products underneath the Plumage brand prior, you’re eligible for a free upgrade. Please simply visit the inworld vendors & choose “Redeliver” – you should have no issues, but please let me know if you do!*

Written by Admin Cat

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