Soon! Yes, soon we will be in the 5th Annual Home & Garden Expo! We will be on Expo 12 with several other awesome designers!

We’re a little unprepared as this isn’t something we’ve really done before, but we will have definitely 2 new items to donate for RFL as well as 600 prims to decorate.

Also, we’re participating in 30L$ Saturday this week, as well as 25L$ Tuesday next, so we will have an excess of awesome deals out for you in the near future. We aren’t finished with the 25L$ Tues item or the Expo ones, but I’ll be sure to add pics when they’re finalized. Meanwhile, this is the 30L$ Item you’ll be able to pick up at our main store tomorrow for 30L$:

It’s pretty cute and I love the silly animation I stuck inside, it is not really meant to be viewed from the inside as this version is unfinished, but I thought it would be a convenient prop for those who are often with captive or in the need to hide during a raid, so particularly perhaps slaves who do not fight might benefit.

It is only 1 prim with or without animation and is usually selling for 135L$ with normal no mod/copy/no transfer permissions. You can also get it on the Marketplace.

Well, hopefully I’ll be back later this weekend to show you all the awesome updates we have lined up, happy Friday all!


Written by Admin Cat

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