Spectral Nights & Utility EEP Packs!

Hi friends!
This week I have not one, but two new EEP packs for you:

Spectral Nights EEP Pack (pictured above) is available now for Fifty Linden Fridays – which means only 50L$ this Friday only!
This set of four night time themed skies includes two Auroral options as well as a heavily shadowed Crescent Moon Night, and neutrally lit Moonless Night.
Each feature custom textures and shaders made for each other to bring together a unique and quality wind light sky setting for your sim.

Our second new release is the Utility EEP Pack~ These four EEP settings are only 10L$ permanently to make them more accessible to everyone!
Included are a Black, White, and Green Screen settings & the Pitch Black option.
Each of the Screen choices features absolutely true neutral ambient lighting and is excellent for layering or cropping photos for later manipulation.
These options do limit shadows and lighting effects by the sky on objects, so they will give a nice smooth appearance to both avatars and objects.
Pitch Black is exactly as it says, and with the exception of full bright or in-world lighting hitting objects, everything will be completely blotted out. This is super fun to play with to highlight items using materials, lighting, and in-world shadows.

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The Spectral Night Pack Settings
The Utility Pack Settings

Written by Admin Cat

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