Spooky Forest Trees for Wanderlust Weekend

Out now for a new event we are trying – our Spooky Forest Trees!

A fun themed variant of our popular Whispy trees, these thin little accent trees are the perfect accessory to dot your home, garden, and forest with this season.

Twinkles, swaying, and spook, oh my!

The set includes 3 unique tree models with optional purple twinkles. A low lag regionwide texture change script features a dark midnight purple, reddish hue, and dusky green tones of foliage atop darkened branches to compliment your haunted aesthetic.

Materials enhanced, and without the pesky risk of alpha flicker conflicts, these are sure to look great on all graphics settings. ♥

Only 50L$ this weekend for Wanderlust! Teleport to the main store & follow the signs~

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?