I figure at April 25th I will be reducing all the prices of my items back to their normal, then eventually I will be moving them to a new floor where I will host all my ‘retired’ items to be changed out by new stock.I havent decided on location etc for this spot yet.
However!! For now the entire list of what is for sale is as follows:
Flames Of The Night 2 Prim Brasiers: 70L$ a pair, all sizes/textures.
Lights Of the Night 2 Prim Tables: 45L$ each, all textures.
Simplistic Nights 1 Prim Table: 15L$ each, all textures.
Raised Cushion 3 Prim Pillow Seating: 10L$ each, all textures.
3 Prim Sculpted Torches: 25L$ Each, all textures.
Mattsu Sculpted 2 Prim Candles: 20L$ each, all color/textures.
Food Barrels 4 Prims: 5L$ each, all contents.

With the given changes, the Scribery SET and the Iron Diamond Servery SET are marked down accordingly, however all Living Sets will not be marked down, nor will any other sets.
Obviously it’s quite a fair bit off, but I thought I’d give a heads up to the changes. I will probbaly return to my mass production self during May and up until June.
I do have plans to visit Colchester in the UK with my significant other during summertime, so I may or may not get everything done.
My first priority upon returning are as follows:
Finish Medieval Cooking Area :: Release All Sculpted Food & Make Dispensers For Them :: Add Fishing Server To Indoor Pond :: Find Reliable Animator :: Create More Physician / Infirmary Themed Items :: Add More Varieties Of Seating :: Sleep.
Obviously the sleep part might get priority, but all in all I’ve got a good general list of things to do.
I’m also not really open to customs as much as I used to be since I’m so water clogged with other ideas that inspire me.
Anyhow my love is laying on the couch looking pitiful and lonely, catch you all later & Best Spring Wishes!

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?