This week we have two new releases, and one special RFL recolour release!
The two regular releases are texture change floral arrangements – a decorative box for hanging on walls or windows, and a wall-hanging vase for your walls each with 8 texture options for the petals.
The vase features a tintable bow and tintable vase option as well as wood, and the planter box has 8 box textures.
Each is copy&mod, 100% original mesh, and 145L$!
Additionally, we have a special RFL edition of the Vase of Flower Stalks, which comes in a “RFL Purple” tone, and it is available only for 25L$ with 100% of the proceeds going to support the American Cancer Society RFL in SL!
I hope you’ll stop by and pick up this, even if you don’t wish to grab the others as it is for a great cause!
Interested in more 25L$ RFL supporting deals? The 25L$ Tuesday event has lots this week!

Written by Admin Cat

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