Spring Poppy Patches for FLF!
Out now for this Friday’s FLF… Our very anticipated Spring Poppy Patches! ♥
Since I began previewing these earlier this month, we’ve had so much positive support eager for their release, and I hope they’ll live up to everyone’s expectations~
You’ll receive 9 beautiful texture choices: Multicolour, Multipastel, Orange/Yellow, Pink/Red, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Plain Black, Violet/Blue, & Frostbitten
As well as 12 unique model shapes, ranging from small bits, curves, corners, patches, & long patches for a wide variety of uses.
Each is just 1 land impact at the included size!
Like most of our recent landscape items, this also includes a regionwide & access control script setup for you to change the whole sim – or one plant at a time.
Only 50L$ for this weekend, so please stop by & grab your copies before they go up to full price as they’re a massive 80% off for now!


Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?