This is the first round of a new and super cute event, Blush!
This shopping wonderland has tons of clothing, home, & accessories for the lover of pastels and pretties from some of the best creators on the grid.
We’re so proud to be a Sponsor of this event. You’ll find our stall due South of your landing spot.
At it, we’re offering the all-new PG version of our Starry Sky Cuddle Blanket.
This 3 land impact, 3-seater blanket is the perfect place to cozy up with friends & lovers alike with a selection of solo poses for each, 43 couples cuddles, and even 5 cuddles for all 3 people.
There is 8 fun preset texture choices, including a tintable option for endless customization. The little lights even softly twinkle and glow in and out all along the blanket and pillows. 

Written by Admin Cat

Suspiciously fluffy. Who gave this cat opposable thumbs?