Super Fluffy Foliage!

Hi friends ♥

The tree set is finally done, I know it took longer than planned but I really wanted to hammer out some cool quality of life scripting features for people… just when I finished one, I thought of another! So on and so forth, for like 100 or more hours now. Without further chatter, here is some concise info to see if these are the right trees for you!
(I hope so.)

All of the meshes which are included in this pack at a glance.

These trees really are incredibly versatile, with over 30 meshes to choose from (about half are 1 LI!), a variety of LOD and LI options, 30+ foliage textures, 10 bark, variable twinkle addons, swaying choices, materials choices, & much more.

The 9 preset theme buttons for foliage next to the HUD, includes a few samples of individual colors.

The main feature I am so excited to bring with them is their ‘Preset Themes’! These buttons you to choose one of 9 Foliage Preset Theme choices & 3 bark Preset Theme choices that curate a natural randomized mixture within this theme on the fly – each click generating you a whole new forest!

I wrote this new script because while I was decorating the sim, I quickly grew tired of trying to randomize plants so it didn’t look repetitive, I didn’t want the plants to be clickable, and I wanted really dense foliage without a sky-high land impact or trash LODs.

This Superpack set was my compromise on all of these ideas while hopefully not overburdening the sim with crazy polygons, 9000 textures, or huge script times.

It would be perfect for people on a land impact budget as around half of the contents are 1 LI each, with none being more than 6 at default size. These super fluffy trees are a great accompaniment to existing forests, gardens, or scenes where you’d like a bit of fullness or whimsy.
The twinkle meshes for trees are generic enough to fit most trees!

I hope you guys enjoy them~

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