We’ve finally set our Asian Items from last rounds Genre out for sale at our main store, and we’ve also included a new piece!
The Koi Fountain is our latest fountain, and like our exceptionally popular Tiered Fountain, it includes a pair of animations for sitting on the edge & relaxing!
It is 3 land impact animated, and includes an unanimated modifyable version!
We’ve also set up our latest 25L$ Tuesday item!
Of course if we have new pathways, certainly we need new pathway lighting! Our all-new Stoney Path Lights are one of my favorite things now~ Just 1 land impact per rustic piece including all the light beams.
If you want it for 25L$, you must stop by before 11:59pm SLT Tuesday, otherwise you can find it for the regular price of 125L$.

Written by Admin Cat

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