Our first official paths release, our group gift not withstanding, is finally here!
Looking for that special something different than cobblestone or muddy pathways? Try our new “Overgrown Plank Pathways” which includes textures for both Mossy & Snowy – covering you year round!
There is SEVEN shapes as can be seen in the product advert that is included, and each of these are included in a (Large) or normal variety. 
– Normal ones can be seen from further away on lower viewer LOD settings, but should not be stretched larger or you end up with very high land impact.
– (Large) ones are not always visible at very very far distances, but they can be a lot larger and stay only 1 land impact!
As well, we’ve included all of them in their default MOSSY textures, but if you like, you can change the textures to the included SNOWY textures (and back again) by editing them, choosing “Select Face” and clicking on the part you wish to change – planks or grass. Grass can also be set to 100% transparent if you do not want it at all.
We opted to give you the textures to apply yourself so that you do not have to readjust them each season, and it keeps your script count low by not requiring you to keep scripts in them year long to change twice a year.
Interested in these awesome low land impact pieces?
Copy, mod, and only 195L$
Stop by our new Sanguine sim and take a left out of the entrance gazebo for the vendor & to see them in use.

Written by Admin Cat

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