We first participated in the fun builders event called “The Challengelast month, and although the theme was certainly a challenge to work with, we managed…
This month, however, “The Challenge” really wasn’t so challenging! It was a Garden theme – and we have plenty of garden items already, so adding to that was natural.
Our release is the Gardening Table, a 2 prim piece with 2 animations and 4 textures you can choose from for the plants on the table. We’re offering it for 215L$ at our main store, and you’ll also be seeing it in Affiliates, Marketplace, and other vendors shortly.
If you’re unfamiliar with our store, you can find it by following “The Challenge” event logo markers to our garden section across the pond.
I hope you’ll keep your eyes out for our up and coming releases that will also look great in your garden from the Home Show SL event & We Love Role-Play events that we are participating in. We’ll have more info for you about both of these events in the next week!

Written by Admin Cat

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