We’re participating in the fun “The Challenge” event for the third month in a row, and this month the theme is Black & White!
I also have a new item which is only semi-related, but I hope you’ll love it!
We had a hard time deciding what to do, but since we were also pondering the Eastern Asia theme for Genre that we’ll also be attempting to do later in August… This perhaps slightly more modern take on what we usually do, but I am confident these zen-like pieces could find a home in even rustic and fantasy realms!
The Blossom Vases are beautiful and elegant, a matching pair but with opposite takes – one has a black vase and white branch, and the other a white vase with a black branch. Both are donned with delicate pink flowers on stark branches, a few flowers having fallen to the ground beneath.
You’ll find this for sale at a mere 95L$ starting on the 30th of  July and will be available near the landing point. It is copy and modify, 1 prim, and of course 100% original mesh works.
Our Glass Topped Table is a unique take on an asian zen garden with the functionality of a nice rustic side table. It has pale sand dotted with black pebbles of varying sizes, and comes in a black or white lacquer finish or a more rustic weathered gray tone. 
Copyable, modifyable, 1 prim, 100% original mesh and only for 115L$. 
And now for a piece which was certainly not meant to be for The Challenge, but managed to come out at the same time and be offered in black or white variants… A tent! A most glorious Fancy Squared Tent, a remake of what we sold for the Love Donna Flora charity, this one comes with 14 texture variants available for the door, corners, and side panels! It’s also mod & copy, so you can tint to your hearts content.
You’ll find this 100% original, texture change mesh tent for just 265L$ – and it’ll only cost you an additional 4 prims per each you put out! 10x10m size, too.

Written by Admin Cat

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