Here at Dysfunctional Designs… I’m sorry to announce… wont be releasing anything new for awhile after these releases.
Infact, it’ll probably be close to December by time we’ll be able to start releasing a lot of things. 
I know this may come as sad news, but take light in the reasoning:
We’re building a new store.
The reason we are rebuilding is quite simple, we’re just out of space. With Kalia joining our team recently, we’ve had a lot more releases than anticipated, and we have absolutely nowhere to put our planned Christmas or other releases.
HOWEVER!!! What I said above really isn’t wholly true…
We will be releasing a few items here and there – all affiliate vendors + the one in the main store will be kept updated. The Marketplace will be kept updated. We will be doing 25L$ Tuesdays still.
We may have a small trickle of releases later this week – mainly pumpkins, some crates, and a few other small things, but you will not be receiving notices of new releases except on Monday or Tuesdays for awhile.
Do expect Christmas items, as well as a bunch of new releases… in a month or so from now. But if you don’t hear anything much til then, this is why! 
Anyways~ Here is our current NEW releases. They are not on Marketplace yet, but will be by the weekend. Please visit our main store inworld or any vendor.

Written by Admin Cat

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