A beautiful golden touched Royal Throne, right from Snow White’s castle in inspiration ♥
Now you can be your own Evil Queen, complete with showy peacock or without on the back of throne, jewels of which compliment 6 silken choices for seating.
Includes 30 solo seating choices for the primary sitter, and 5 ‘complimentary’ secondary seater choices. Additionally there is 11 Cuddles of the PG nature. If you choose the adult version, there will also be 22 handpicked choices.
Materials enhanced, low lag custom scripting, 1.3m wide & 1m deep.
Available at Enchantment starting at 12pm NOON Nov 11th.

(PS: Our dear friend Valena Vacano has a set of fun Snow White themed poses in our booth, the proceeds of which will go to help pay off emergency vet bills. Please grab them!)

Written by Admin Cat

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