Okay so I guess canvas, tarnished iron, torn and burnt rugs, and crude wood isn’t fabulous to 90% of SecondLifer’s but hey, to me- this set is like the creme de la creme of rustic furniture. Want to seeeee itttt? I bet. Well. I’ll post images in a bit. Lets talk!
This gorgeous bed is scripted, animated, and detailed to the max! This bed alone is selling for 185L$, the carpet? 250L$. Tack that on with tons of little bits… well it’s far more then what I’m selling it for! 500L$, yep. You get a small houseful of this gorgeous matching furniture for like half or less of what it’s worth. I’m crazy, yes. But I’m not stupid, this set is too cheap to pass up for it’s quality. What’s inside that makes it so faaabbbuuullouuuss? Well..
The bed. This bed is extremely detailed. It’s a slat-style bed with a straw stuffed mattress and 1 couple, one single animation from Pillow Talk. The bed also has a scripted sculpted blanket that covers you up all tight and snug when you lay in it, and goes poof when you don’t. Ohh lordy, for such a nice item must be hefty in the prims, eh? Nope. 16 prims, not bad.
The rug. Rug you say? Why is a rug expensive or special…? This is why :: It’s a custom made rug with burnt holes, warping, fraying, and ripping, ideal for this situation, it’s also high in resolution, detail, and depth. It is coverd with 4 single animations and 2 couple sets as well as a handful of tossed around canvas sculpted pillows which match the bed and the 1 prim pillows. The animations are a combination of PillowTalk & Bits n Bob’s, and all are -very- nice. This rug is goorrgeeoouuss!

Okay okay! Ready for pictures? Me too! Fresh out of Photoshop here they are (Courtesy of my love)

Enjoy =) You can find this item inworld inside the little alcove with the red curtains and the scribery area.

Written by Admin Cat

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