This April 20th, The Fantasy Collective finally opened!
We have this supercute Leaky Boat Dock Set – Pirate Edition as a limited duration offer for the event~
This item CANNOT and  WILL NOT be sold for at least 3 months after the event, so please be sure to pick it up while it is going!
Only 275L$!
Included in this package is:
Leaky Boat Pathway Prop: Just a path with no scripts, no boats attached.
Leaky Boat Dock Prop: A pathway with no scripts and a boat of the theme you purchased.
Leaky Boat Prop: A prop version of the boat, no animations, no scripting.
Leaky Boat Dock – StandDel: A version of the dock with themed boat attached that when clicked by anyone offers to rez them a matching themed boat which lasts 45 minutes then deletes, and will also delete itself whenever no one is sitting on it. Boats only work on LL water, and not in mouselook. Seats 4. 
Leaky Boat Dock: Like above, except it will not delete itself when users stand. This is more beneficial for multiple stop travel. Still deletes itself in 45 minutes.
The prop variants are all modify, but due to the very real chance of breaking the scripts (any resizing or delinking/relinking will do this) for the working dock versions and what is rezzed, they are NOT modify. All of them are copyable.
StandDel version is for lessening clutter, but for multistop roleplay situations the regular version is also nice, it depends on how much you trust the users on your sim to not cause issue.
This set is drop and go, and there is no customisable options.

Written by Admin Cat

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