Hello everyone!!
I’m so excited today to announce something here… it wont be sent out inworld until tomorrow… but today you’ll get to see the first three pieces from our fabulous new creator – Kalia!
Kalia’s designs are a bit more mainstream than our normal stuff, but they are so versatile they’d fit in an upscale Medieval/Fantasy or Gorean home just as well as they’d fit in a modern day home!
These designs are still extremely prim efficient, while not sacrificing the quality you’ve come to expect from Dysfunctional Designs. These first three releases are exceptionally detailed – I urge you to come see them inworld.
While we’ll have the rest out tomorrow, and none of this set will be available via affiliate vendor for a bit (except on request…) – you can come see these today!
Here are their pics, & they ARE on the Marketplace already.

You’ll find them at 120L$ for the chest, 175L$ for the dividers, and 250L$ for the basin.

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If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact Anke Hatchuk in Second Life, or leave a comment on any post. Thanks!

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